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Everything we do has its own strong character.


On the one hand it’s no wonder. LevTools is a trademark for construction tools and it’s impossible not to have strong character on a construction site.


On the other hand even in such “male” business we often meet colleagues who easily compromise: in choice of raw materials used for production of the construction tools; in pricing policy aimed at getting momentary benefits; in neglect of values and goals of the end user.


LT is a young brand but the team that created it has ten years experience in the market. And we uphold the honor of the brand from its youth. During the first year of work our uncompromising in production confirmed that we perfectly understand the meaning of “price & quality” combination. Scrupulously delving into the production process of each SKU we set high bars on the manufacturing process and raw materials we use. As the result both our partners and end users get the tools with longer life in comparison with the competitors’ goods of the same price segment.


There are more than 1000 items in our product line and we plan the SKU list to be multiplied up many times within 2 years. No less ambitious are the main goals of LevTools. We pretend to be the best Ukrainian brand for construction tools – the brand of character.


LevTools supplies high-quality tools wholesale and retail, including: metal drill bits, metal holesaws, masonry drill bits, SDS-PLUS and SDS-MAX hammer drill bits, SDS-PLUS and SDS-MAX chisels, SDS-PLUS masonry core drill bits, wood drill bits, auger wood drill bits,  flat wood drill bits, drill bits for furniture confirmat screws, wood counterboring drill bits, screwdriver bits and nut drivers, dies, taps, staple guns, staples, caulking guns, paint mixers, rivet guns, blind rivets, aviation snips, combination pliers , diagonal pliers, adjustable wrenches, water pipe pliers, screwdrivers, paint rollers, paint roller handles, extension bars, utility knives, tape measures, jigsaw blades, etc.


We invite manufacturers of construction tools to cooperate with us – we are ready to expand the range of our products.

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